What is Timebanking?

Timebanking is an exchange of skills and talents so that we have a vibrant, healthy, interconnected community.

For every hour you spend helping someone in our community, you earn one hour credit. Then you have an hour to spend on having someone do something for you. It’s that simple.

An online system keeps a record of your account balance and if it’s negative, it is OK!

Everyone’s time is equal.

No matter what type of work is done, one hour work equals one hour credit.

Every person and every skill is equally valued.

Why join the timebank?

All skills are valued including non-market skills that are often taken for granted.

Timebanking keeps people connected, builds relationships and trust in the community.

Who can join the timebank?

Any person (minors – with parental permission) or organisation in the community.

What skills can be traded?

The skills involved in any piece of work that promotes well-being, connectedness and thriving communities. It could include: cooking, sewing, gardening, yardwork, cleaning, dog walking, odd home jobs, knitting, painting, working bees, wood stacking, computer help, music lessons, childminding, marketing advice, basic accounting, budgeting help, listening, speechmaking, document formatting, proof reading, preserving, nurse aiding, ride for shopping and appointments, photography, using social media, tuning videos and TVs, computer/cellphone/software tutoring, compost making, craftwork, building, use of trailer, parenting help and resources, motherhood support, language tuition, bicycle maintenance, yoga, soapmaking, ESOL tutoring, companionship, art lessons and much more.

What can I offer?

Everyone has skills to offer. Thing we are good at and enjoy doing. Sometimes, people feel they have no spare time. But if we do things we like and have another member of the community help with things we are not so good at, everyone benefits.

How it works?

You give hours of your spare time when you want, doing things you enjoy.

You receive help with jobs/tasks you don’t have skills for or enjoy doing on your own.

It’s free to join, no strings attached!

How do I join the Wairarapa Timebank?

Go to the Wairarapa Timebank website and click on the "Join" link and follow the instructions.

You can also find out more at the Wairarapa Timebank blog site and also the Facebook page.