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A team of people have been working for the past few months on developing ideas about how we might strengthen the resilience of the community in Carterton.

This resulted in a document that outlines what we believe a resilient community does and how we might go about developing and reinforcing those behaviours.

The document was delivered as a proposal to the Carterton District Council at their December 2015 council meeting. Project Wairarapa is seeking general support in principle for the initiative and for use of the Carterton Events Centre to hold the initial workshops.

Read the Resilient Carterton document (PDF 1.2MB).

Read a one page summary of the Resilient Carterton document (PDF 500kB).

Resilient Carterton - Workshop 1

This event took place at the Carterton Events Centre on Wednesday 23rd March at 7:30pm. 

Read all about Workshop 1 - the background and outputs.

Resilient Carterton - Workshop 2

This event will take place at the Carterton Events Centre on Thursday 19th May - register 7:15pm for 7:30pm start. 

Read about Workshop 2 and what was produced.

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